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If you are new to psychology and studying in Australia or New Zealand, Lorelle Burton’s Psychology Australia and New Zealand 4th Edition is designed with you in mind. As the number one axillary resource for first-year psychology students, it will prove itself invaluable. Firmly grounded in the fundamentals of the field, Psychology 4th Edition can be a great resource for years to come. You will turn back to it in your upper level courses as well as to recall information after completing your degree. More importantly, however, it will be tremendously helpful during your introductory course. It was composed primarily to help you to understand this one-hundred level material.

You know you can trust the information contained in Psychology 4th Edition because it is endorsed by the Australian Psychological Society. The previous three editions were very successful, and won prestigious awards. From Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung to Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers, Psychology 4th Edition will give you a brief overview of the history of psychology. It is up to date with more modern data as well, both local and worldwide. It contains the latest research as well as poignant and practical examples of psychology in action. Coverage of cross-cultural and indigenous psychology is also included. Overall, the book covers each area required for the professional accreditation of your degree.

Included with the text is iStudy. It is a computer application that allows you to interact with each module in order to test your knowledge and really solidify your comprehension of the material. You can use iStudy at any time and in any place because it is functional with a wide range of operating systems for your convenience.

Here are some of the special features of Psychology 4th Edition:

• It contains one quarter more content from Australian and New Zealand Psychologists. This means that the research, statistics, and examples found throughout the text will hit closer to home for you!
• Each chapter commences with a “Concept Map,” which outlines the chapter to come so that you know what to expect in a general way before you dig into the details.
• Each chapter also begins with an example of the concept(s) to be covered, so that you know what you are learning actually relates to the real world in a tangible way.
• Throughout Psychology 4th Edition you will find “Central Questions,” which put forth important questions related to the psychological topics being addressed. These questions are again visited at the end of each chapter, prompting you to think deeper about what you have read.
• The text is peppered with summary boxes to help reinforce and bring together central ideas.
• Extended discussions of certain themes and issues are included, so as to provide you with more than just a cursory knowledge of the subject.
• In addition to the regular text, experts in the field have been interviewed and summaries or quotes from them are presented in special content boxes.

This text is an experience you should not forego. I emphatically recommend checking it out.